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Baxter examines the past and present relationship of France with her erstwhile African colonial possessions, giving substance to the cause and effect of the many French interventions and the play of various individual personalities, both French and African, and how this has affected the current complexion of the region and its ongoing relationship with France.The book traces the overt and covert French military actions in the region, the rise of internal violence and insecurity and the increasing involvement of the international community in the series of coups and counter-coups that characterized the 1990s and the new century.It contains several ORIGINAL tracks only available on this CD.At any given time there were at least half a dozen conflicts taking place in Africa, from civil strife and brutal insurgencies to full-blown conventional wars.Featured are Operation Barracuda, Operations Almandin I, II and II, Operation Boali and the various regional, international and European regional interventions.

Charles Melson (US Marine Corps) described the RLI as "The Killing Machine" A powerful documentary of human courage and survival during events following the missile attack and shooting down of commercial passenger aircraft in Rhodesia in late 1978 and early 1979 as related by survivors and security forces.

Two days later, the same force attacked 4,000 guerrillas at Tembu, another ZANLA base, over 200 kilometres inside Mozambique, north of Tete on the Zambezi River.

Estimates of ZANLA losses vary wildly; however, a figure exceeding 6,000 casualties is realistic.

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However, Hugh Bomford substantially subsidises the operation of the Rhodesian Services Association's website as well as contributing on an annual basis to the fundraising auctions and raffles.

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