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Like many bands before them, School of Seven Bells were born as the result of a late-night revelation.

There are, however, ways to deal with We build a “bahay kubo” bamboo guest house.

It's desperately unfair how some people are taken from us so young. Some two years on, Deheza announced that the band's fourth and final album is finally being released, and if were to be released to serve as a statement of intent, then it would absolutely succeed. Where the verse is understated, the chorus is bold, enlightening, hopeful.

That it serves as a postscript is deeply upsetting but also a huge rubber-stamping of just how much the band achieved."Ablaze" kicks things off. It's a floor-filler which wouldn't feel out of place in 's set-list. A word of warning though - the lyrics may well drive you to tears.

School Of Seven Bells went on to release three excellent albums, including the wonderful .

It marks the start of their campaign for final album ‘SVIIB’, an album that was written back in 2012 before band member Benjamin Curtis tragically passed away leaving Alejandra Deheza as the sole member.But when she sings lines like “and now my heart is breaking ‘cause I’ve been weeping”, you know she’s singing from a place of sorrow she never anticipated., School of Seven Bells stylishly split the difference between shoegazing introspection and stargazing dream pop.This isn’t an album, however, which feels like a goodbye present, but is instead a beautiful record of a band at their creative peak.Around twelve years ago, I visited a friend in the 'States who'd mentioned about a festival in California called Coachella.

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