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Never settle for someone that didn't know your worth from the beginning, or build a life without God in it. Alder tags: bravery, competing, competition, confidence, exboyfriends, exgirlfiend, false-love, goals, god-s-plan, jealous-woman, lies, living-a-lie, marriages, mediocrity, purpose, relationships, saddness, self-esteem, self-worth, settling, sorrow “REMEMBER YOUR GREATNESSBefore you were born, And were still too tiny for The human eye to see, You won the race for life From among 250 million competitors.

And now that you are a giant, Why do you even doubt victory Against smaller numbers, And wider margins?

The only walls that exist, Are those you have placed in your mind.

CHORONZON: I am a snake, spider-devouring, posion-toothed. He is down below helping his followers to understand that the view is glorious where ever you stand.” ― Shannon L. If only women would realize that "we all" have moments of stupidity then they would stop comparing themselves to the masses.” ― Shannon L.

MORPHEUS: I am an ox, snake-crushing, heavy-footed. Alder tags: anger, bittnerness, competing, competition, confidence, confident, games, god-s-plan, insecure-women, insecurity, jealous, jealousy, owning-it, powerful, purpose-of-life, self-esteem, spirituality, warrior-women tags: attitude, authors, books, coaching, competition, connect, counseling, courage, dare, daring, determination, dreams, failure, faith, famous, goals, hope, idea, inspiration, inspire, judge, leadership, life, love, motivation, motivator, never-give-up, passion, patience, peace, positive-thinking, promo, publishing, quotes, self-confidence, self-esteem, speaking, success, successful, triumph, trust, victory, willpower, wisdom, words, world, you-can-do-it tags: anxiety, cheats, competition, coward, defaming, evil-women, fake-christians, false-information, fear, games, gossips, heartless, insecure-women, jealous-women, jealousy, liars, low-self-esteem, paranoid-men, rumors, sisterinlaws, sisters, slander, stalkers, weak “They will hate you if you are beautiful. Alder tags: competing, competition, cursing, daughters-of-god, empowering-women, forgiveness, forgiving, hurts, insecurity, jealousy, letting-go, low-self-esteem, low-self-worth, move-on, name-calling, run-your-own-race, scars, self-esteem, wasting-time, wounds “Instead of playing to win, I was playing not to lose.

Take ownership of your actions and decide to make a change.

Would you really be proud to say, “I made my sister a loser”?

Everybody likes to be a winner, but some people are “competition freaks” who have to be first, be the best or win at every thing they do.

This overly competitive nature oftentimes causes tension in their personal relationships.

And yet, How fast you have forgotten Your strength, When your very existence Is proof of your greatness.

You were born a winner, A warrior, One who defied the odds By surviving the most gruesome Battle of them all.

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