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The message from Brussels and Berlin is very clear: We would rather deal with corrupt but obedient leaders, than honest ones with ideas of sovereignty. Punishing a member state for having done precisely as instructed, will make every other state feel unsafe; make them question whether they are next. Many are now realising that the family in question were The Borgias.

The UN’s Human Rights Council on Friday stressed the urgency of ending the occupation of Palestinian territory and denounced Israel’s refusal to cooperate with an independent commission on last year’s Gaza conflict.

Another programme of cuts without debt restructuring would be so counter-productive that the IMF refuses to be part of it. Or is the idea that somewhere in Greece there is a mattress stuffed with a trillion Euros which we are simply refusing to hand over out of ideology? The people “in the know” assured us that if we did as they instructed, the situation will improve. The EU’s behaviour over the Greek Referendum on Sunday is telling.

Everyone agrees that corruption at the highest levels and chronic tax evasion were Greece’s downfall.

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This is what Chancellor Merkel said in February 2010 about the crisis: “The debt that had to be accumulated, when it’s going badly, is now becoming the object of speculation by precisely those institutions that we saved a year-and-a-half ago. We were convinced to get in a lifeboat full of holes and now Europe wants to set us adrift.

A Ma’an reporter said Israeli forces prevented men under 50 and women under 30 from entering Jerusalem, while children under 12 and girls under 16 were allowed to enter.

The Bethlehem checkpoint is the main crossing point into Israel for the southern West Bank, with thousands travelling from other towns and villages to enter Jerusalem.

In the last five years, we have made adjustments which reduced a 15% deficit to zero, while the economy contracted by a quarter. 11,000 are estimated to have committed suicide explicitly because of financial worries.

The Church is raising thousands of children in orphanages.

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