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– Jelang batas akhir pembuatan E-KTP, sejumlah warga di Lampung Timur mengeluhkan pembuatan pembuatan Kartu Keluarga (KK) dan Kartu Tanda Penduduk elektronik (E-KTP) yang ditarik pungutan serta dipersulit.Salah satu warga Kecamatan Batanghari Lukman mengatakan, kesulitan yang mereka hadapi bukan hanya di tingkat kecamatan, namun hingga sampai ke kabupaten.Placing the KTP system online via the e-KTP was a bid to revamp the residential IDs and make it harder for fraudsters to duplicate them.What was to be an improvement on the existing KTP procurement system has spiralled into one of the country’s largest theft of public funds, with numerous high-profile bureaucrats being tied to the corruption scandal.Number in the e-KTP card will be used as the basis for issuance of Passport, Driving Licence (SIM), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), insurance policy, Certificate of Land Rights and the issuance of identity documents (Article 13 of Law no. Fingerprints are recorded from each compulsory ID cards are all fingers (of ten), but the data included in the chip only two fingers, the thumb and right index finger.

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e-KTP card or electronic ID card is a document that contains demographic security systems / control both from the administration or information technology with a database based on national population.The e-KTP program was implemented in 2013, with an initial budget of Rp 3.2 trillion (0 million).Millions of Indonesians are still waiting to receive their cards, even though they have already registered.Chip planted between white and transparent plastic on the top two layers.This chip has an antenna in it that will issue a wave when swiped.

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