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Franche-Comte contains a mixture of forests, open country and quaint villages The Aquitaine region is reputedly home to 1001 castles.The Auvergne region was features the former capital of Vichy France.

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I wouldn’t have noticed this particular bout of K-pop idol fashion fail since there is many such instances to cite, other than news come out this week that upcomingheld a script reading and is prepping for filming so I went ahead and did a status check on leading lady Hyeri to see if she’s as fake aegyo as ever just to prepare myself.The answer after looking at the most recent pictures of Hyeri leaves me thinking she’s not just annoying she’s also very fake sexy.Turns out GD is having a comeback this week, and as part of that comeback is a music stage showcase to perform their new song “Ring My Bell”.Events include Bastille Day celebrations on July 14, the French Tennis Open, Six Nations rugby in February, and the Tour de France.The Alps The Alps are perhaps the world’s premier winter sports region, and also great for hiking in summer.

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