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We motored out to tea at Malcontents, by the new road over the lagoons beside the railway.

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We went to the Lido this morning, and the Doge's Palace looked more beautiful from a speedboat than it ever did from a gondola. VENICE, 21 AUGUST After inspecting two palaces, the Labiena, containing Tiepolo's fresco of Cleopatra's Banquet, and the Pappadopoli, a stifling labyrinth of plush and royal photographs, we took sanctuary from culture in Harry's Bar.

Another man would have filled them with so-called Italian furniture, antique-dealers' rubbish, gilt.

Landsberg has had the furniture made of plain wood in the local village.

He looked unfamiliar in a green beach vest and white mess jacket.

VENICE, 22 AUGUST In a gondola to San Rocco, where Tintoretto's Crucifixion took away my breath; I had forgotten it.

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