Insurance for online dating

But older drivers are likely to face an even greater rise – estimated at up to £300.Such is the size of the impact, that it will increase one of the official measures of inflation by 0.2 per cent by next year.But they also work out how much payouts should be adjusted based on the likely interest that victims with ‘catastrophic’ injuries would earn on the money during the long term.It was set at 2.5 per cent in 2001 but has not been changed since, despite a huge fall in interest rates in the intervening 16 years.The OBR said it expected the increased costs to insurers would be recouped in full from insurance premiums.The average driver pays a record high of £462 a year in vehicle insurance, meaning premiums are likely to rise by around £46 this year.

It said it would ‘engage with stakeholders’ ahead of making any changes in the autumn budget.We have to pay what we have to pay for insurance, but it’s hard when there’s little choice.’She believes the sort of over-zealous litigation seen in America is heading to Britain and is ‘driving up costs’.Miss Buckeridge regularly drives to see her partner in London, and to university in Reading to study for her psychotherapy degree. She bought her car when she was a company director, but no longer has the income to cover its running costs.Miss Truss’s change to the rate follows the threat of legal action by personal injury lawyers.Officials defended her decision, saying that victims with ‘catastrophic life-changing injuries’ were getting a ‘raw deal’ under the current rate.

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