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Famed lion tamer, Mabel Stark came to Thousand Oaks in 1938 and began hosting performances at Jungleland.

Mabel Stark was probably the world's first woman tiger and lion trainer.

Zoltan was attacked and mauled by one of the lions that day which of course caused business to slow down afterwards.

However, although several people claim this was the straw that broke Jungleland's back, in reality, Jungleland was already struggling financially to stay open as it competed against the much larger and newer amusement parks in Southern California.

Eventually residing on 170 acres, Goebel's Lion Farm was started by Louis Goebel, a former employee at Gay's Lion Farm who left the lion zoo when it moved to El Monte.

Goebel began working at Gay's Lion Farm in 1919 and started off as a butcher of animals for the lions' food before moving up to feeder and grounds keeper.

Visitors flocked to the zoo from all over, many discovering the area for the first time, and several later deciding to settle down there.

Zoltan did in fact survive the attack, a survival which was later credited by Mansfield to a ritual performed by Anton La Vey of the Church of Satan.

Jungleland also left its mark when a black panther escaped in the 1960's.

Goebel recovered ownership of it through foreclosure, but entered into an agreement with outside partners to operate it.

By the sixties, Jungleland rapidly increased in popularity and had by now acquired a variety of different animals.

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