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You can reduce the load on your source DB instance by routing read queries from your applications to the Read Replica.

Using Read Replicas, you can elastically scale out beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB instance for read-heavy database workloads.

Applications connect to a Read Replica the same way they do to any DB instance.

Amazon RDS replicates all databases in the source DB instance.

It is created by a special connection that transmits write ahead log (WAL) data between the source DB instance and the Read Replica where Postgre SQL asynchronously streams database changes as they are made.

Postgre SQL uses a "replication" role to perform streaming replication.

Updates made to the source DB instance are asynchronously copied to the Read Replica.This requirement also applies to a Read Replica that is the source DB instance for another Read Replica.Automatic backups are supported only for Read Replicas running any version of Maria DB or My SQL 5.6 and later.Amazon RDS sets up a secure communications channel between the source DB instance and a Read Replica if that Read Replica is in a different AWS Region from the DB instance.Amazon RDS establishes any AWS security configurations needed to enable the secure channel, such as adding security group entries.

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