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These two examples of documentary cartography, shocking though they are, may finally spell the end for Australia’s History Wars.For decades, historians, politicians and just about everyone else with strong opinions on Australian nationhood have argued heatedly about whether or not massacres of the Aboriginal population played a substantial part in the genesis of modern Australia.Based at the Centre for the History of Violence at Newcastle University in New South Wales, Ms. A massacre, in her definition, is ‘the indiscriminate killing of six or more undefended people’, and her interactive website lists more than 170 massacres of Indigenous Australians by colonists, as well as half a dozen massacres of colonists by Indigenous Australians.Sites are marked with three stars if they have multiple credible sources, and one or two stars if less.The couple were introduced by a mutual friend and dated for about 15 months prior to their engagement. actress and DNCE singer Joe Jonas announced their engagement on Instagram on October 15. Rumors of Turner and Jonas' romance were first reported in November 2016.costars met on the set of the HBO drama in 2012, where they played onscreen lovers, Jon Snow and Ygritte.The first Asian-American face of L'Oreal flashed her diamond sparkler while swimming with her beau, and posed for a casual vacation shot on a boat with him kissing her cheek on his confirmed her engagement to DJ Chris Zylka on her Instagram on January 2nd, after eight years of knowing one another and two years of dating.

Apart from a handful of toponyms that refer to a bloody past (see #744), there currently are only about 20 physical memorials to massacres of Aboriginals across the entirety of Australia.

But her data itself is far from complete: there may have been more than 500 massacres of Indigenous people in all, she thinks. Ryan’s map are located in the eastern third of Australia.

The massacres on Indigenous artist Judy Watson’s map also cover northern and central Australia, and are concentrated on the Queensland coast rather than in New South Wales. Watson has set up ‘The Names of Places’, a multimedia project seeking to visualise the locations of massacre sites, first shown at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

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